Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last weekend we all went to KLCC,just jalan2 to kill time..dah lama x pegi KLCC so it was quite a new experience le..rmai gak org sbb dh ujung bulan kot org dpt gaji..attached are

the pictures taken there.Gambo the Twin Towers from outside is really magnificent,makes me real proud to become a Malaysian..Mcamane Dr Mahathir bole terpikir nk buat bnda ni sgt2 mengkagumkan,and bila tgk citer Little Einstien kt Playhouse Disney bile kpl terbang character kartun tu lalu kt Petronas Twin Towers,lagi le bangga rasanya,Malaysia dh ade icon sama mcm Eifel Towers kt Paris n Great Wall kt China..Malaysia Bolehhh

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Makan kat Hassan's

These were photographed a few hours ago while we were having dinner at Hassan's. Afif as usual with his Jumbo Cheese Burger while Adib n Aisya share the same pot of spaghetti.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Gadgets Galoreeeeeee....

These are the two of my prized (current) gadgets....The distinctively elegant yet suave Blackberry 9000 better known as Blackberry Bold and the super-fast latest Iphone, the Iphone 3GS. The Bold is superb in handling messages and emails, not to mention having 3G capibilty to excellently browse web or wap sites. Wi-fi is also added so that u can freely browse the net if u are in one of those hotspots. But the best feature of the Bold to me is the QWERTY keypad which is ergonomically designed so that i'm able to type messages and reply emails with a breeze. As for the Iphone 3GS (S stands for speed) is excellent to 'show-off' (hehehehehe) plus having better multimedia characteristics than other brands (Nokia...don't get pissed off aaaa!!). All in all, these 2 mini computers truly help me in being more organized with my permanent job and part-time jobs (hahahaha). Attached are the pics of the 2 magnificent phones...Behoooollllld....


Married at last,married at last....Alhamdulillah i'm married at last (spoken with the tune of the late Martin L.King's famous quotes "Free at last, free at last...Thank God I'm free at last")....well those might be the words that wondered in my brother's mind on the 11th of July 2009, the he finally got married to his long time girlfriend (since his UiTM days), Syarifah Fatimah Syed Ahmad..The 'nikah' ceremony was performed at his father in law's house in Tmn Melawati and the wedding reception was gloriously held at Tmn Cuepacs's multipurpose hall (which i my self got lost while trying to get there resulting in me being the only relative to arrive late..hahahahah)..The reception at my mom's place was held 3 weeks latere...attached are some of the pics i got from one of my younger brother in law's Lokman, for your viewing pleasure..