Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adios Senior Rafa..

What can i say..I'm speechless..At last the axe fell on Rafa Banitez, perhaps one of the best managers Liverpool ever had, that did not win the Premiership. The Liverpool board did the unthinkable when they allow this great man to leave, 6 million Pounds richer. It is true that the Reds endured the worst result (under his guidance) last season when they crashed out of the Champions' League, FA Cup, League Cup, the semifinals of the Europa League, and the most important, they finished seventh in the Premiership. The LFC board seems to forget that this man brought back the European Cup after 20 years of trying, and also reached the Champions' League final twice. So, axing him just because of one bad season is quite unfair to me. It is also true that he bought players on substandard quality, but he also bought excellent players like Torres, Mascherano, Bennayoun, Babbel,Kuyt and Johnson. Given the lack of funds he had, he had to sell players in order to bring in new ones; good team players like Crouch and Pennant, who can provide a different dimension and approach to the gameplan. What happened to him was the repetition of what happened to Gerrard Houillier back in 2004. He was sacked eventhough he finished 4th and qualified for Champions' League qualification rounds, but the board was sick of his below par performance and players like El 'Tuan Haji' Hadji Diouff, Saliff Diao, and Benoit Cheyrou. So sacking a manager just because of one ill-fated season is truly truly unfair. Give him another season to prove himself, and if Liverpool still succumb, then sack him. Nevertheless, we bid you farewell Mr Benitez, our thoughts are with you, and good luck to you(at Inter Milan). Just remember, You'll Never Walk Alone..

Friday, April 9, 2010

Salam..its been a while since i last posted anything here..since the semester has just ended, i now have extra time to fill whatever i think necessary, here. Lets begin with the topic i loved most...gadgets...Pictured here are two of my most current gadgets: The Iphone 3GS 32 gb and the latest Blackberry Bold 9700..and not to forget the brand that i trusted since I started buying mobile phones: Nokia, Nokia E72 to be exact..I think i don't have to explain what the Iphone can or cannot do because I did it before in one of my previous entries..I'll focus more on the two phones: Blackberry Bold 9700 or better known as Blackberry Onyx in Canada and the States, and Nokia E72. Blackberry, as preferred by its' fan, is known for its' excellent email client system. Having its' own server (the Blackberry server) enables all Blackberry devices (with Blackberry Internet Service) to flawlessly received emails pushed from the Blackberry server. This 'push email' ability is what makes Blackberry a winner to me. As for Nokia E72, it is actually an upgrade of the famous E71. The upgrades include a 5 megapixel camera (better than E71's 3 mp), better processor (600 mghz better than E71's 300mhz), a more stream-line shape with slightly bigger keypads, and not to forget a better battery life. Well that's about it. And pictured on top is the phone I'd really like to own in this not to distant future :-), Sony Ericsson's Xperia X10, their first Android phone...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Newest member...

Salam n i welcome the latest member to our 'clan'....born on Thursday 12th of November 2009,Intan's latest has has no name yet ..:-).. just call him 'adik Iman Daniel'

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Monday, November 9, 2009

Adib kena 'nabulizer'

Attached i the pic of Adib kena 'nabulizer' kt Pusat Rawatan Az-Zahra sebab batuk2 teruk dengan hingus banyak..siap bole posing 'peace' lg tuu..

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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Melaka Planetarium

Baru jap td pegi Melaka Planetarium.Ok gak,selain daripada benda2 pameran biasa,replika alat2 astronomi,dan juga gambar2,para pengunjung di'hadiahkan' sebuah tayangan pendek mengenai sistem solar kita.Sesuatu yg amat berfaedah untuk rakyat Malaysia yang bengap sains.:-)

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Mind your language...

Tadi petang pegi beli KFC, dok tengah beratur tu ade la sorg makcik (yang poyo) ni bersama2 dgn 3 anak dia pun beratur sekali.Makcik tu ade kat depan dan anak2 dia pun agak sama ganasnye (sama dgn adib n aisya) melompat2 berlari2 mcm monyet dlm KFC tu. Yang agak lawaknye (dan kekadang menyampah campur menjengkelkan) adalah makcik tu tegur anak dia guna English..Don't..Naughty..dan mcm2 lg word...Sebagai sorg yg memang English educated, dan sgt2 qualify mengajau English dan juga sebagai seorang Melayu, saya sgt2 la menyampah tgk dan dengar makcik tu bersikap sedemikian rupa. Walaupun niatnya baik, suci dan murni lagi menyucikan, tetapi x perlula bersikap poyo macam tu. I myself pun dulu x pula mak n ayah I tegur cakap omputeh, tapi look what has become of me now..I never, repeat...NEVER teach my children formal English language skills, all their knowledge comes strictly from school and TV (yeee TV). Afif x pernah get lower than 90 utk subject English every examination, and Aisya speaks FLUENT English kalau dia tgh main mainan dia sorang2. All their skills come from TV (tu la yg bagusnye Astro). So, I urge parents x payah le poyo menegur bebudak kecik dgn English, poyo je nampaknye mcm bagus. Let them learn by themselves, and we monitor them..if they encounter problems., barulah kita step in to supplement.Memg menjadi satu kebencian apabila org Melayu bercakap English dgn gaya yang overacting (contoh mcm makcik kt KFC tu), dan juga menjadi kebencian juga jika ada org bukan Melayu yang dilahirkan di Malaysia, dibesarkan di Malaysia, bersekolah di Malaysia, bercampur dengan orang Melayu tapi TIDAK bole berbahasa Malaysia dengan cekap. Berikan kesedaran pada anak2 kita tentang kepentingan English as The universal and international language, so that they will learn it because it is important for their survival, not because they want to graduate from USIM...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Last weekend we all went to KLCC,just jalan2 to kill time..dah lama x pegi KLCC so it was quite a new experience le..rmai gak org sbb dh ujung bulan kot org dpt gaji..attached are

the pictures taken there.Gambo the Twin Towers from outside is really magnificent,makes me real proud to become a Malaysian..Mcamane Dr Mahathir bole terpikir nk buat bnda ni sgt2 mengkagumkan,and bila tgk citer Little Einstien kt Playhouse Disney bile kpl terbang character kartun tu lalu kt Petronas Twin Towers,lagi le bangga rasanya,Malaysia dh ade icon sama mcm Eifel Towers kt Paris n Great Wall kt China..Malaysia Bolehhh

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