Sunday, June 6, 2010

Adios Senior Rafa..

What can i say..I'm speechless..At last the axe fell on Rafa Banitez, perhaps one of the best managers Liverpool ever had, that did not win the Premiership. The Liverpool board did the unthinkable when they allow this great man to leave, 6 million Pounds richer. It is true that the Reds endured the worst result (under his guidance) last season when they crashed out of the Champions' League, FA Cup, League Cup, the semifinals of the Europa League, and the most important, they finished seventh in the Premiership. The LFC board seems to forget that this man brought back the European Cup after 20 years of trying, and also reached the Champions' League final twice. So, axing him just because of one bad season is quite unfair to me. It is also true that he bought players on substandard quality, but he also bought excellent players like Torres, Mascherano, Bennayoun, Babbel,Kuyt and Johnson. Given the lack of funds he had, he had to sell players in order to bring in new ones; good team players like Crouch and Pennant, who can provide a different dimension and approach to the gameplan. What happened to him was the repetition of what happened to Gerrard Houillier back in 2004. He was sacked eventhough he finished 4th and qualified for Champions' League qualification rounds, but the board was sick of his below par performance and players like El 'Tuan Haji' Hadji Diouff, Saliff Diao, and Benoit Cheyrou. So sacking a manager just because of one ill-fated season is truly truly unfair. Give him another season to prove himself, and if Liverpool still succumb, then sack him. Nevertheless, we bid you farewell Mr Benitez, our thoughts are with you, and good luck to you(at Inter Milan). Just remember, You'll Never Walk Alone..

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Jamiliah Md. Noh said...

ata jangan pilih liverpool main tak cik.